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CRE News

27 Apr
​When business owners should lease or own their space

For a business owner, the decision of whether to lease or own commercial real estate can be a complex process. There are many factors to take into account, including a detailed examination of the costs associated with each option. Leasing commercial space to operate a business is the standard procedure followed by most business owners. This is especially true with new business owners that have not built up cash reserves and established a history of operations to justify a purchase. The up-front…

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27 Apr
What Oprah says about hiring HSN CEO Mindy Grossman to lead Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers International Inc. is counting on its new president and CEO, Mindy Grossman, to take the weight management services firm to a new level. Grossman is stepping down as CEO of multichannel retailer HSN Inc. (NASDAQ: HSNI) in St. Petersburg on May 24 and will start work at Weight Watchers (NYSE: WTW) in July. “Mindy is proven as a successful visionary and entrepreneurial force in business and I look forward to working with her. She has the experience, the passion and the positive…

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27 Apr
Here are the 7 Tampa Bay companies that could benefit from one part of Trump’s tax proposal

Seven Tampa Bay companies hold $2.58 billion in cash in foreign countries that could be brought back to the United States under the tax plan proposed by President Donald Trump. One part of Trump’s plan unveiled Wednesday includes a low, one-time tax on the $2.6 trillion of profits earned overseas by U.S. multinational corporations and never returned to the U.S., CNN Money reported. The president has not disclosed the tax rate he wants to see for those offshore profits if they are brought back…

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