Our Story

Space Shifter has Over 10 Times the Daily Visitors than even the Largest Brokerage firms and Landlords for the Same Coverage Area!  Leverage Our Platform to Fill Your Vacancies Faster Today!

Space Shifter is a Digital Marketing Co-Op created by a group of leading brokerage firms, landlords and Economic Development Councils.  This innovative platform harnesses the power of the internet to drive traffic to members' listings enabling them to get more direct leads and fill their vacancies faster.  Membership to this exclusive group is inexpensive and will quickly pay for itself. The consortium uses the fees to maintain the software and for strategic digital advertising to give your listings the broadest exposure possible.  Proceeds are donated to charities and to support industry trade associations.

The Space Shifter online marketplace is populated by the listing agents and is supplemented by our research team.  It now serves all categories of commercial real estate located in Florida. The Space Shifter initiative brings sophisticated marketing capabilities, information resources and community building events that positively impact the industry and the clients it serves.

The foundation of Space Shifter is based on user feedback from hundreds of industry representatives ranging from large brokerage firms and institutional landlords to sole proprietors and single ownership entities. This crucial insight was combined with the technological expertise and usability experience of enterprise software and video game executives from such firms as Disney, EA Sports and Zynga. Constructed on the newest technology and designed from the user’s perspective, the end result is a highly intuitive and relevant marketplace created by the commercial real estate industry for the commercial real estate industry.

Funding to develop the enterprise quality software that powers Space Shifter was provided by a consortium of industry leaders. Proceeds will be used to fund industry charitable initiatives, trade associations and many other nonprofits that positively impact society. Last year we were able to donate over $12,000 to worthy causes.  Our goal for the next 12 months is to raise $25,000.  Not only does our marketplace enable our members to shift their vacancies faster, but we are also Shifting Lives in the communities we serve.

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