Frequently Asked Questions

I am getting an error message or have problems using the site. What do I do?

The vast majority of technical issues on Space Shifter are related to the customer's computer. Lets first make sure your browser is up to date. For your own security and for a generally better experience using the internet and sites like Space Shifter, please ensure your system is current with the latest updates ; including using the latest web browser. We suggest using Google Chrome, as this browser is highly secure and will keep itself up-to-date. Clearing your browser cookies will also help. If you still experience difficulties we want to hear from you.  Email us at and a representative will help you.

Forgot Password?

Look no further. Click HERE to be redirected to the "Forgot Password" login page and it will be reset.

Are there other features coming?

Yes absolutely. Team Space Shifter is developing and releasing new and useful features sourced from our many focus groups. They will be integrated seamlessly without any disruption to our members. Check back soon.

What about other property types?

Strategic growth is important to us when rolling out a new product. Team Space Shifter is currently focusing on it’s Industrial Platform throughout west central and southwest Florida.  Platforms for Office, Retail and Multifamily are already in development and will be introduced once our Industrial Platform is operating perfectly.

Can I offer suggestions?

Absolutely We would love to hear them. Your experience with Space Shifter is a top priority and we value the feedback of our customers. Please email us to offer any suggestions.

How do I become a sponsor?

Email us at and we will get you the scoop.

Who funded the development of Space Shifter?

Several brokers and landlords that were disappointed at the lack of online marketing options available to the commercial real estate industry.

What does it cost to post a listing?

Our team is still refining the pricing model, however, costs will be significantly less than similar services. Space Shifter will offer several service levels to meet your specific needs.

What is the cost to search for property?

It is FREE. Our mission is to connect prospects with the listing agent or marketing representative. Searching for the ideal space for your company or client is free.

Do I need to register or login to search for space?

No You can search for space directly from the homepage without needing to login or create an account. You will see the same listings that a registered member sees, but you will need to prove you are not a robot to email the contact or see full listing details.

Do I need to have an account to post a listing?

Yes It took our pet monkey less than 3 minutes to create an account. C'mon you can do it too!

Why can I not register via a free email account such as Hotmail or Gmail?

It is our experience that free email services are sources of bots, low quality leads, web scrapers and other activities that we protect our members from. You can email us at to prove your free email address is not associated with a robot and we can quickly set you up.

Who can post listings to Space Shifter?

  • Property Owners
  • Leasing Agents or
  • Licensed Real Estate Brokers

How Do I upload a listing?

It is EXTREMELY easy. The intuitive upload process is wicked fast and enables anyone with any level of experience to populate a complete and accurate listing. Try it….you'll like it.

  1. Click My Listings under the Nav tab located on the left side of the screen
  2. Select Add a New Listing
  3. Select type of Listing
  4. Fill in the required information
  5. Save

How do I show prospects that my listing information is current?

Simply click on the "RENEW" button. We suggest clicking on the "Renew" button every 3 weeks. This is found on the "My Listings" tab.

What is the difference between Quick, Premium and Professional when uploading a listing?

This represents the degree of content that you populate for the listing. Quick being well….the quickest. Premium provides a bit more content and Professional is the most complete.

Which level do most people use?

A large majority of our members are using Professional followed by Premium. Only a few choose Quick.  100% of landlord’s surveyed want their listing agents to populate a Professional grade listing. Keep in mind that only a handful of fields are required and you can come back later if you do not have the information available at that time.

Which member of my staff should populate a listing?

Anyone that can operate a computer and has the required information.

Can I have other listing team members as a point of contact?

Yes Once they are registered members, you can add them to your "Marketing Team."  Go to "Preferences" and add them to your "Marketing Team." Then when you upload or edit a listing you can add members as you see fit. The system supports up to three Team Members per listing.

How do I fix an error after I loaded a listing?

Go to "My Listings" and Click "Edit" on the listing you wish to edit.

How to I add or remove files or photographs?

Go to "My Listings" and Click on "Photos and Files" for the corresponding property.

How do I remove a listing after I sold or leased it?

Simple Go to "My Listings" and click "Delete." Or click "Unpublish" which enables you reuse the data when the property comes available again.

Do you sell my data or send me unwanted emails?

No We hate spam too. Be sure to check out our Privacy Policy to answer your detailed questions.

What if I do not know all the information to post a listing?

Try your best to answer the questions, but you may mark "Uncertain" or leave a field blank. We do require a minimum degree of content to post a listing, however, everyone should be able to complete the required fields.

Why does Space Shifter require a minimum degree of content?

Space Shifter is about QUALITY of information versus quantity. Our policies encourage complete and standardized display of listings to help our members sell or lease their vacancies.

Can I save a listing and publish it later when I have all of the information?

Yes Fill out as much information as you can. Then uncheck the "Publish" button located next to the "Save" button and then click "Save." You can come back at anytime to complete the listing and then click publish to post your listing to Space Shifter.

How did Space Shifter determine the content, flow and display of listing information?

Space Shifter development was based on the suggestions of over 50 large property landlords and experienced brokerage firms. What you see on Space Shifter is based on industry best practices, research and knowledge from many industry leaders.

How do I get my vacancy featured in Space Shifter’s retailer-quality digital marketing campaign?

Email us at and we will be glad to feature your vacancy.

Are the photographs on the carousel real vacant spaces?

Yes These are some of our sponsor’s vacancies in your area.

When I send a space requirement through the Broadcast Feature, who receives it?

Team Space Shifter pays special attention to the business of its members. We populate the database for the Broadcast feature based on each member's specialty, geographic location, and transaction size. This ensures your need is communicated to landlords and brokers that would likely have a space to fill your need versus spamming the entire country.

When is the Broadcast email sent?

Space Shifter's computers never sleep. Our emails are sent out at approximately 5:00 AM the following morning.

Should I renew my space requirements every month or so until I find the ideal space?

Ideally, yes. Landlords and brokers often visit the Deals in the Market page to match requirements with their vacancies.